Day Six of ‘Pillar of Defense” recounted


(TARZIT NEWS AGENCY) – Over the course of the day Monday, combined elements of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) caused severe damage to dozens of selected targets, including what were described as underground rocket launchers, a training facility, ammunition storage facilities, Hamas police stations and several suspected terrorist squads that IDF officials said were responsible for firing rockets at Israel. Furthermore, A direct hit was registered on a vehicle that was reportedly used for transporting Hamas rockets These rockets had been fired from the northern Gaza Strip into Israel.
In the southern Gaza Strip Over 50 smuggling tunnels were targeted in the southern Gaza strip. Officials claim the Gaza strip has been turned into a front line base for Iran, allowing their teams to carry out terror attacks by firing rockets at Israeli citizens and hard tarets. The sites that were targeted have been positively identified by precise intelligence over the course of several months, claimed IDF officials.
After what were classified as uccessful operations, sources reported that two building in the northern and central Gaza Strip had also been targeted and destroyed.

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