Campaign successful for ‘Be Heard,” Nick May’s dream album

With little more than a half day before cancellation, a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to cover the expenses for a new studio recording and the eventual release by community member Nick May, reached and exceeded its goal. By raising more than $8,000, backers have assured that May will be releasing his 10-song album, “Be Heard” on compact disc and over digital platforms.


Nick May, the composer singer of “Be Heard.” (Photo courtesy May)

Kickstarter campaigns created on the popular funding website must meet or exceed the specified goal by a target date. Had the goal not been met by 12:00 noon today, February 14, all of the potential backers’ monies would have been refunded to them in toto and the project would have been scrapped.

“I want to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks to everyone who contributed to my Kickstarter,” May texted late in the night. “I’m beyond excited to see this project become a reality and our support has made me even more motivated to make the best record possible.”

When he set up the campaign last month, May had several options for the length of the campaign. He chose a 30-day length. “I chose to do it 30 days, because the shorter campaigns are more successful,” he explained in an earlier  telephone interview with the CCJN.

May, who released “This Beauty,” a six-song E.P. on compact disc last year, has held three live concerts of his music over the Kickstarter website in order to generate interest and find potential backers.

In order to view May’s Kickstarter project, click here.

Backers can continue to give to the campaign till it closes tomorrow at 12:00 noon. Backers can choose to give at different levels and receive various perks such as signed CDs and personal tours of the recording sessions. A $10.00 pledge to the campaign will give backers a digital download of the albums once it is ready to be issued. Higher pledges of $18.00 give backers signed copies of the compact discs and a personal note from May, while a $36.00 backing includes the same plus their name in the liner notes. Higher amounts range from $100 – $1.000.00.

May, 23, is the oldest son of Congregation Gates of Prayer cantorial soloist Victoria Cohen May and a recent graduate of Louisiana State University.

He says he is not interested at present in following in his mother’s footsteps. “My passion is more in youth work and teaching and the educational aspects not as much as in the formal work for liturgy,” he stated. To that end he is seeking jobs in which he can combine his musical skills with teaching.


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