Did you see the Hadassah red shirts and blouses at the JCC on Sunday?

To the Editor:

On Sunday November 25th, when the New Orleans Jewish community gathered in support of the people and the State of Israel, the color red predominated. We wore red to show our connection to Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America.

As I listened to our Louisiana senators, and local Jewish leaders declare that they would always have Israel’s back in its efforts to defend itself against enemies who would destroy it, I could not help but feel proud of the hundreds of Hadassah members and associates in our community who have Israel’s back every day.

When I was listening to the young Israeli woman (Meri Beit Halachmi) speak of growing up in the shadow of enemy rockets, I thought of the strides Hadassah doctors are making in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disease.

Hadassah, the organization that created the medical infrastructure in Palestine before Israel’s existence, today, 100 years later, remains critical to Israel as a provider of medical care, education and resources for children at risk. Whatever the people of Israel need, Hadassah has strived to provide.

While I was disappointed that our community leaders did not mention Hadassah’s efforts on Sunday morning, I was thrilled to see our numbers, strength and commitment.

My thanks to all Hadassah members and associates for your continued efforts in support of the people and State of Israel!

Julie E. Schwartz,
New Orleans Chapter President

P.S. To join us, contact MarisaKahn@hotmail.com today.

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