UPDATE: Fundraising sites created for drunk driver victim Mia Kearney-Bagneris

A GoFundMe charity account has raised more than half of the at goal of $60,000 projected for medical bills for Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation member Mia Kearney-Bagneris. The daughter of unsuccessful mayoral candidate and former judge Michael Bagneris, Mia was returning from the election night campaign in which her father had placed third and out of the runoff, when the incident occurred.

A Tulane University assistant professor of art, Kearney-Bagneris had opened her car door and was exiting her vehicle in front of her Bywater home when she was struck and severely injured by a drunk driver at 11:20 p.m. on Saturday evening. Responding officers found her crumpled on the ground and her injuries have been described as “life-threatening.”

In an email to congregants, Rabbi Deborah Silver urged that the congregation support Kearney-Bagneris through the GoFundMe and that they were “still trying to ascertain their ongoing needs for practical help.” So far, over 351 people have raised more than $47,700 towards the campaign goal.

Silver updated on Friday:  “As promised, we have set up an online community to help Mia and her family.  The most immediate needs right now are for grocery shopping and food preparation.  We will be updating the site to reflect new needs as time passes and also hope to report on Mia’s progress (she is currently resting after another surgery and her doctors are satisfied with how it has gone).”

Silver noted that no visitors except for family are being received at this time. “You may send cards and greetings through the Shir Chadash office,” she offered.

Please click on the link to sign up.  Silver noted that all applicants must be approved and processed.



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