Tuesday, October 19th 2021   |

Hadassah national president expresses concern about attacks in Israel

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your coverage of Vice President Joseph Biden’s trip to Israel and for reporting his recent condemnation of the latest horrifying attacks against Israelis that have persisted for nearly six months.

The terror attacks have spread to every corner of Israel. Israelis are on constant alert as they go about their lives—working, going to school, waiting for a bus, grocery shopping or walking down a street. Parents have been wounded and killed with knives and hatchets in front of their children; pregnant women have been attacked; teenagers and toddlers have been gravely injured.

Over 170 individuals—both the victims and perpetrators—have been treated at Hadassah Medical Organization’s two hospitals in Jerusalem.

Our medical personnel are justly famous for never giving up on a patient and we urge President Obama to never give up on Israel’s security.

The people of Israel need our help during this time of crisis. The United States must lead the international community in advocating for diplomatic pressure on the Palestinian leadership to condemn the ongoing wave of terror and immediately end the incitement they encourage.

President Obama and the United States must continue standing unequivocally for Israel’s right to defend herself against all threats that endanger the safety and security of her citizens and tourists.

Most respectfully,

Ellen Hershkin
Hadassah national president

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