Historic day is at hand; we must exercise our rights

The charge of any journalistic institution is to its readership. The charge of any politician is to his constituency. As an advocate for what is best for the Jewish community of New Orleans, the Crescent City Jewish News attempts to present both sides of a political issue as objectively, fairly and balanced as possible. While we reserve the right to comment on an issue which we feel has an impact on our community, there is, according to our mission statement, no need for the CCJN to endorse one specific candidate over another in any political race.

When we do publish opinion columns which endorse one candidate, we will always publish a contrasting view. Opinion columns by David A. Harris and Matthew Brooks are found on our site today to provide insight into the election for our readership.

Nevertheless, the time has come for our community to consider the direction of this nation for the next four years. On Tuesday it is not only our right – but  our obligation – to go to the polls and select the next president of the United States. Whether that means a successful re-election campaign for incumbent President Barack Obama or a historic run for Governor Mitt Romney, only Providence can tell.

Nevertheless, regardless of the political spinners and pundits, we all need to exercise that precious right guaranteed to us under the U.S. Constitution. Indeed, the stakes are very high. We need to make certain we do not miss the opportunity to voice our approval or disapproval of the present administration and to consider the continuing crises in the world over which our nation has vested interests. Paramount to us in the Jewish world is the way our country deals with the volatile situation in the Middle East, especially in our dealings with Israel and our people who live there.

But there are additional areas we need to keep in mind that are domestic as well. The recent disaster in the Northeast due to Hurricane Sandy will keep the rapt attention of Congress and the president for several years to come. With several members of the Supreme Court aging to a point where retirement may become necessary, the next president could very well determine the future makeup of the Supreme Court that could lead to historic decisions for generations to come. Balancing the budget, paying down our debt and dealing with the continuing fallout from the economic meltdown of four years ago means that whoever is elected will have a large and difficult job to do. By comparison our job is much simpler, but still an important duty. Vote like it’s the most important ballot ever cast, because it may very well be.

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