Israel: Anti-Semitic hatred that fueled Kristallnacht is ‘still claiming victims today’

(TPS) – The Nazi anti-Semitic hatred that brought to the 1938 Kristallnacht pogroms in Germany “is still claiming victims today,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry warned on the anniversary of one of the milestones of the Holocaust.

November 9 marked 81 years since the Kristallnacht pogroms against Jews in Nazi Germany and Austria in which 90 Jews were murdered and hundreds of Synagogues were burnt and desecrated.

“The anti-Semitic hatred that fueled this violence is still claiming victims today,” the Foreign Ministry stated.

In 2018, Germany recorded on average five anti-Semitic hate crimes a day. The large majority – 1,603 out of 1,799 recorded crimes, 90 % – were perpetrated by right-wing extremists or influenced by far-right ideology.

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