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Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett cautiously optimistic on COVID

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett expressed some optimism with the progress his government has made in fighting the spread of COVID cases. Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, he said that the number of severe cases had dropped to under 400.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the UN. (Getty Images)

“While it is possible to say with caution that we are defeating the fourth wave, the Delta wave, it isn’t over until it’s over,” he announced. “We are not taking the foot off the gas and are not taking off the masks. Therefore, as we are managing the gradual exit from the Delta wave, we are preparing the infrastructure for the ‘Omega’ scenario, the code name for a new variant, and of course, we are preparing for the winter, for a combination of flu and the coronavirus.”

Bennett said the command centers and the :Magen Avot” project for the care of the elderly will remain open and that what networks for dealing wtih the spread of the virus will continue to be maintained.

“Tomorrow, the ministries of Health and Education will submit to me the recommendations following the Green Classroom pilot program and tomorrow we will decide regarding the expansion of the program to kindergartens and the entire education system,” he added, insisting that the government is hoping to administer tests rather than enforce quarantines.

“Fifteen million tests arrived in Israel in recent days and over the weekend and they are allowing us to keep the education system and the economy open. This is the way: A series of various actions in order to keep the State of Israel open,” Bennett said.

The prime minister acknowledged the start of the academic year that began last week. “Three hundred and fifty thousand students have returned to classes, not on Zoom, but on campus, actual studies,” he noted.

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