Friday, September 24th 2021   |

Israeli Cabinet considers new anti-COVID measures

(JERUSALEM) – Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett conferred with members of his Cabinet today and addressed several issues related to a alarming spike in COVID in the general population. 

At the outset of the meeting, Bennett expressed his goals in dealing with COVID matters. First of all, he wants to think about how to open the economy instead of closing it. Bennett said he wants as much time in advance as possible “to prepare for future courses of action” and to be in contact with business owners and other “elements on the ground” in order to coordinate a proper and effective government response.

Among the decisions rendered today, the Cabinet decided to:

  • Shorten the duration of future quarantines to allow for release after being tested on the seventh days and receiving a negative result.
  • Increase enforcement against those who violate quarantine.
  •  Expand information with increased emphasis on wearing masks in public, getting vaccinated and being careful at large-scale events.
  •  Implement a rapid testing network that will be available to the public at large through the Health Ministry.
  • Dramatically increase enforcement for not wearing masks.
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