Israeli director Guy Nattiv picks up live action short film Oscar

With a shout out to his fellow Israelis, filmmaker and director Guy Nattiv accepted the Academy Award on Sunday night for his short film “Skin.” “Oh my God, I moved here five years ago from Israel,” Nattiv said as he accepted the award. He then spoke in Hebrew “Laila tov (“Good night”), Israel.”

Nattiv acknowledged that he is the grandson of Holocaust survivors and stated that they were the inspiration behind the film project.  “The bigotry that they experienced in the Holocaust, we see that everywhere today, in America, in Europe,” he said. “This film is about education, about teaching your kids a better way.”

The live action short film deals with race relations and was considered a front runner coming into the awards ceremony. The film was written by Nattiv with a fellow Israeli, Sharon Maymon.

Nattiv came to the podium with his girlfriend, film producer Jamie Ray Newman, both of whom claimed Oscars.



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