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Issac Herzog is elected as 11th Israeli president

(JERUSALEM) – Issac Herzog, the chairman of The Jewish Agency for Israel was elected on Wednesday by the Knesset as the eleventh president of Israel.

Issac Herzog

A former government minister and past Leader of the Opposition, Herzog defeated Miriam Peretz in a secret ballot conducted in the Knesset. Herzog received 87 votes for president, while Peretz garnered 27. Herzog  follows President Reuven Rivlin, whose term of office expires in July.

Herzog is the son of the sixth president of Israel, Chaim Herzog, and is quite familiar with the President’s Residence his father occupied from 1983 – 1993. Prior to that his father also served as Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations for three years.

Issac’s  grandfather, Rabbi Yitzhak Halevi Herzog, was the first Chief Rabbi of Ireland and then became the first Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of the British Mandate of Palestine and the First Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel following its independence.

During his father’s years at the U.N., Herzog attended school in the United States. He served in the Israel Defense Forces as an intelligence officer before graduating from Tel Aviv Law School. Herzog established a successful law practice at Herzog, Fox & Ne’erman, the firm founded by his father.

After briefly serving as a secretary in Ehud Barak’s cabinet, he ran for a position in the Knesset as a member of the Labor Party. Eventually, Herzog became the Leader of the Opposition from 2013-2018. He ran unsuccessfully for prime minister in 2015 and has been the chairman of The Jewish Agency since Natan Sharansky stepped down in 2018.



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