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Jewish motorcyclist to arrive here tomorrow on ‘Deli Schlepp’

By ALAN SMASON, Special to the CCJN

He may not be Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper, but Steve Goode is advancing towards New Orleans on his motorcycle as part of his self-guided “Great American Deli Schlepp” tomorrow, Saturday, July 3 at 11:30 a.m. at Stein’s Deli, 2207 Magazine Street.

Steve Good with future riders displaying the map of his “Great American Deli Schlepp.” (Photo by Goode)

The Chicago area native is using the 16,000 mile motorcycle trek to 42 delicatessens across a variety of states to call attention to worldwide hunger and Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger, an organization that strives to rid the world of hunger and to feed those at risk.

“It’s to spotlight hunger, but also to bring attention to Mazon as an organization that combats hunger and helps other organizations get organized to combat hunger and to bring it to the forefront,” Goode told the CCJN in a telephone interview prior to his arrival.

In addition, Goode is using the trip to spotlight the top delicatessens in the United States, according to a list compiled by The Nosher, a website dedicated to Jewish food and part of 70 Faces Media. 

Goode feels that many of the delicatessens were mom and pop owned and took a hit financially during the current pandemic. “Anything that we can do to get the word out for them and helps them stay alive and in business is always a good thing,” he added.

Lastly, the ride is one that will take him all across the length and breadth of the United States. “It’s a fabulous ride with great food,” he admitted.

Steve Goode with his motorcycle and equipment. (Photo by Goode)

Goode, who is blogging at night while doing his riding during the day, is checking his waistline and vitals on a regular basis. So far, he claimed, he had not put on any appreciable weight and might have even lost a pound or two.

The “Great American Deli Schlepp,” which began in Chicago in early June, is expected to take until August to complete. A month into his journey, he has been to more than 23 delis in 28 days.

Goode plans to enjoy a meal and to kibbitz with well-wishers at Stein’s for at least an hour on Saturday before embarking for Houston, the next spot on his journey.

Goode is is tracked by a global positioning device so that anywhere on his journey, he can be pinpointed within a few feet. Goode spends most of the time on the road listening to music he pipes into his helmet, but he also wears ear plugs to cut down on the rush of air that he would hear from traveling.

The trip is not without its challenges. He’s been stung by insects inside his helmet on three prior occasions. “I wear a full face helmet and ride with my face shield up because I like the fresh air,” he explained. Sometimes, enterprising bees or other insects have found their way through the face shield and onto his temple. “That’s pretty disturbing,” he confided.

Still, one time he was driving when he saw a tire speeding towards him, which narrowly missed hitting him. When he pulled over a mile up the road, he found a scuff mark on the back of the bike. “Had it hit the front of my bike I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now,” he concluded.




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