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‘Legacy’ helps to reclaim confiscated property

Dear Editor,

I am head of “Legacy”, which is dealing with property claims and retrieval in Eastern Europe. “Legacy”, has dealt so far with more than 1000 applicants who in the last 10 years submitted claims for restitution of Jewish-owned property which was lost, confiscated or looted during WWII.

Many of our applicants obtained full ownership for their family assets. Some of those applicants have declined an offer for restitution (receiving financial compensation), as they insisted on getting the actual registered ownership of their family assets. It is expected that at least 200 additional applicants will shortly become property owners as well.

According to a report presented jointly by the Israeli and U.S. Governments, the overall value of Jewish owned properties left in Europe by Holocaust victims, exceeds $150 billion.

I am convinced that many of your readers are interested to know their legal rights when remembering family property left in Europe.

Please visit our website. Feel free to contact us and we will be delighted to respond promptly.

Respectfully yours,
Shlomo Taub
Tel. 972-52-3580404

(Editor’s note: Although we do not know of the financial considerations Mr. Taub is given in making restitution to victims, his reputation appears to be peerless. We feel his service is important enough to warrant the publication of his letter.)

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