Sunday, May 9th 2021   |

Limmud adds new speakers to lineup

Two new speakers added to the already impressive lineup of courses being taught at the LimmudFest New Orleans in March, were announced by program chair Gail Chalew.


Rabbi Yoel Glick

Rabbi Yoel Glick, a leading teacher of Jewish mysticism and one of the pioneers of modern Jewish mediation, will be leading a an alternative Shabbat Contemplative Prayer Service that will take place at Congregation Gates of Prayer. This service will combine mediation, contemplation, chanting and singing with the traditional elements of the Jewish liturgy.

In addition, Glick, a mentor to those seeking Jewish mysticism instruction, will be teaching a session on meditation titled “Mediation Workshop: Building a Jewish Mediation Practice.” Through various techniques found in mediation, Glick hopes to teach techniques of visualization, concentration and chanting designed “to build a powerful Jewish contemplative practice that will open our heart and expand our consciousness.”

Another course titled “Walking the Path of the Jewish Mystic: How to Expand your Awareness and Transform Your Life” affords those taking the course with insights of the Kaballah designed to help find a more meaningful life.

Leora Mallach, who is a co-founder of  Boston Beantown Gardens, and will talk about sustainability, fair trade and celebrating Passover in a sustainable way.

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