Limmud North America announced eFestival for March 29

The LimmudFest NOLA may have been cancelled, but Limmud North America, the organization that sanctions it and other similar events throughout the continent, announced the Limmud eFestival, a virtual Limmud gathering through the Internet.

Gail Chalew, the former LimmudFest NOLA chair, who is a member of Limmud North America’s board of directors, explained the reason for this unusual offering. “Coronavirus and social distancing may have delayed our upcoming LimmudFests in New Orleans, Toronto, Michigan and Ottawa, but they will not stop us from continuing to bring people together,” she wrote.

“The first ever eLimmud Festival, to be held virtually on Sunday, March 29, from 11:000 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. features dozens of presenters teaching on the most interesting and important Jewish ideas today. Sessions will be offered in five one-hour blocks and will feature nationally known presenters,” added.

 This will allow participants to continue “social distancing” while staying safe.

Registration is $18.00 per person and can be reached here.

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