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Linoy Ashram wraps up gold medal with impressive showing in Womens Rhythmic Gymnastics

(TOKYO) – Israeli gymnast Linoy Ashram captured a gold medal for Womens Rhythmic Gymnastics, becoming the first Israeli woman in Olympic history to win a gold medal.

Israel’s Linoy Ashram celebrates becoming the first Israeli woman to win a gold medal. (Photo by Lionel BONAVENTURE / AFP)

Ashram, predicted a favorite to win at the Tokyo Olympics, stunned the crowd with first place finishes in clubs, hoops and ball competition. Her winning score of 107.80 edged out Dina Averina, a three-time world champion from Russia with 107.65. Arlina Harnasko of Belarus secured the bronze medal with a 102.70 score.

Highly critical of the judging, Russian Olympic Committee officials lodged two official protests with the judges during the competition, but they did not gain any additional points that might have raised Dina Averina’s score. Averina and her sister Arina have been part of a longtime dynasty for Womens Rhythmic Gymnastics that stretches back to 2000.

Ashram’s teammate, Nicol Zelikman, also placed seventh in the competition with a 95.60. Israel advances in its fourth consecutive team finals in Womens Rhythmic Gymnastics with a fourth place finish, which will help close out the Games of the XXXII Olympiad tomorrow.

Earlier in the week, another gymnast, Artem Golgopyat, won the second gold medal ever for Israel. With Ashram’s outstanding achievement, Israel has now won a total of 13 Olympic medals in its history with additional time left for other possible wins.

Ashram registered an amazing 28.30 with the ball. She scored a 23.30 for the ribbon, but had her best round of 28.65 with the clubs. All three of those rounds were first place finishes.

Speaking with Israeli Prime Minister, Ashram said: “There are many ups and downs along the way but good things overcome it. I am really very happy to be an example for children and young people in the country.”

An enthusiastic Bennett applauded her efforts on the floor. “Linoy, you are magnificent. You made the entire nation happy. We received the news after Shabbat and celebrated here at home. I know that the entire country is proud of you,” he said.

“I also know what you have gone through, the ups and the downs. Many children in Israel are watching you and see you as a true wonder woman, an example of effort and hard work. We love you very much and wish you much success in the future. Thank you, wonder woman.”

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