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Mad Hatters Tea Party a stylish affair

This year hats were the fashion statement that Hadassah members wore to their annual major fundraiser gala. The past two previous events, both titled Bra-Veaux,  brought attention to breast cancer awareness and served as a means for the the Greater New Orleans Chapter of Haddasah to auction off colorfully decorated brassieres of all shapes and sizes as fundraising items.


Hadassah members model their colorful millinery. (Photo by Gary Michael Smith)

This year’s affair – the Mad Hatters Tea Party –  was an opportunity for women and men to don colorfully decorated hats in a similar fundraising effort.

The Hadassah members, associates, spouses and friends celebrated in lavish style at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters in City Park on Sunday, October 18 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Some of the decorated hats were intended to be offered as the height of fashion, while others were offered as items of whimsy. Many hats were decorated with ribbons and flowers, while others included humorous depictions of blackbirds in flight.

In addition to raising much needed funds for the Hadassah Medical Organization, which oversees and manages two hospitals in Israel, the Mad Hatters Tea Party also honored the memory of former Hadassah leader and benefactor Libbye Katz Gordon of blessed memory.

A series of silent auctions were held throughout the day followed by an exciting live auction, conducted by retired president and general manager of WYES, Randall Feldman.

Nominated for a Nobel Prize as a bridge of peace in the Middle East, the Hadassah hospitals treat patients regardless of ethnicity, race and religion. Similarly, their staffs reflect a cross-section of ethnical and racial backgrounds.


Two men Mad Hatters show off their colorful chapeaus. (Photo by Gary Michael Smith)

Hadassah prides itself on its ongoing mission to provide emergency care around the world, particularly in the face of medical disasters.

In materials and lectures held throughout the year, Hadassah members learn about the cutting edge medical research being conducted at Hadassah hospitals that attempt to seek cures for such devastating diseases as Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and melanoma.

In addition, the Greater New Orleans Chapter has provided its members with seminars and lectures to advocate for women’s issues and inform them about issues dealing with children and women’s health.

(Gary Michael Smith contributed to this story.)

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