Mark Plotkin receives Harvard Extension School Shinagel Award

Mark Plotkin, Ph.D., the co-founder and president of the Amazonian Conservation Team (ACT) has been announced as the recipient of this yeart’s Shinagel Award presented by the Harvard Extension School. The Shinagel Award for Public Service announced the award was being given to Plotkin “in recognition of his lifelong commitment to the protection of the Amazon rainforest and the tribal communities within.”

Plotkin has been a source of inspiration living and documenting the work of Amazonian traditional healers. ACT has grown into a major research team that has sought to protect the work of shamens and indigenous peoples living in the ancestral forests of the Amazon.

Born in New Orleans, Plotkin is often cited by Jewish Children’s Regional Service (JCRS) as one of their success stories, because of scholarships they extended to him to entitle him to pay for his college studies.

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