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UPDATE: Metairie Chabad plans Lag B’Omer festival

(Editor’s note: An embedded link with which to register for this event has been corrected.)
The Chabad Jewish Center of Metairie will be hosting its annual Lag B’Omer festival this Sunday, April 28, at 12 noon in honor of the Jewish holiday. The festival begins at the Goldring-Woldenberg campus of the Metairie Jewish Community Center at 12:00 noon and continues until 3:00 p.m.

All members of the Greater New Orleans Jewish community are invited to attend and partake in a huge community picnic. Glatt kosher sub sandwiches will be available along with an array of other kosher snacks. The event will feature a life-size walk-in maze, inflatables, special children’s activities, a special holiday program, cotton candy, Jewish music and more.

The cost of the event is $10 for the “early bird” rate or $15 if registered after April 23. To register or for more info about the event please click here.

Rabbi Mendel Ceitlin, in charge of the event, writes: “Lag B’omer is one of the most enjoyable Jewish celebrations. It actually commemorates the passing of a great Jewish leader, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, but is celebrated in a positive, upbeat way, as Rabbi Shimon willed it.”

Every year hundreds of thousands gather in the Israeli village of Meron, in the Upper Galilee region, to celebrate with dance and song. It is also a time when traditional observers have their three-year-old sons get their first haircuts.

According to Ceitlin, Lag B’omer also commemorates the life of another great sage: Rabbi Akiva. Both Akiva and Shimon Bar Yochai set examples of proud perseverance and dedication to the Torah and its teachings during the Roman occupation of Israel, wrote Ceitlin.

Jews are encouraged the world over to celebrate with parades and picnics. Many times bow and arrows are associated with the holiday as is the rainbow.

“Lag B’omer is a day of great joy and celebration and a time to remember the great leaders who kept the flame of Judaism alive during difficult times.” said Rabbi Yossie Nemes, Director of Chabad Jewish Center.

For further information on the above event, or if you have any questions related to Lag B’omer, please call Rabbi Mendel Ceitlin at 347-351-6476

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