Metairie Chabad summer course to run Tuesdays

Rabbi Mendel Ceitlin of the Gerson Katz Chabad Center of Metairie has announced an upcoming adult education class titled “Biblical Reflections.”

This is a text-based study of the Torah with the stories of Genesis, which will begin where an earlier course left off last year with the story of Issac.

The purpose of the course is to learn about the major figures in Genesis, while uncovering the depth of the Torah’s wisdom and its eternal values. “As we examine the lives of Isaac, Esau, Jacob and his children, we will learn how the Torah’s eternal values (can) provide insight that helps us respond more thoughtfully as we face critical moments of our own,” Ceitlin announced.

For information on how to register, call the rabbi at 504-534-8685 or email him here.


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