Sunday, January 29th 2023   |

Metairie eruv is back up for Shabbat

The Metairie eruv that permits observant Jews to carry items on Shabbat is back up, according to Congregation Beth Israel Rabbi Phil Kaplan, who oversees the structure. 

A map of the Metairie eruv.

Late last weekend, an automobile accident on the Interstate 10 West service road took out part of the fence between Edenborn and Hessmer, which is used as a boundary for the Metairie eruv. As a result, the rabbi inspected the damage and had to declare the eruv as “down.”

However, according to Rabbi Kaplan, the Louisiana Department of Transportation was quick to respond and fully repaired the damage by today. As a result, the rabbi announced the eruv is back up and fully functional.

Eruvs utliize existing walls and structures like levees to emulate the enclosed walls of an olden Jewish city under which rabbinic law permitted several Shabbat prohibitions like pushing a baby stroller or carrying items.

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