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N.J. reader contemplates rabbinic teachings during pandemic

Dear Editor:

After witnessing the second plane hit the second Twin Tower on 9/11, I flew to Bnei-Brak to seek the counsel of my late relative Rav Avrohom Genechovski zt”l.

During my stay, he quoted a verse from Tanach that says buildings are not permanent structures – though I don’t remember the exact verse. I can’t seek his advice anymore to frame (the) corona(virus pandemic), so I am left to the great rabbanim to find my way.

It seems everyone believes this is a wake-up call, as it’s a worldwide plague and many quote the opinion in the Gemara that before Moshiach comes, dever will strike the world. At the very least, it seems teshuva is in order to assure a smooth transition into the next phase of the world order.

Steve Genack

Clinton, N.J.

(Editor’s note: Steve Genack is the founder and editor of Aish Haolom.)

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