Netanyahu vow: ‘No more uprooting’; will apply Jewish sovereignty to all Jewish communities


(TPS) – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday announced he intends to apply Israeli sovereignty to all Jewish communities in the Land of Israel, and that there will be no more uprooting of Jewish homes as part of a diplomatic process.

Netanyahu made the announcement at the school-year opening ceremony in Elkana, a Jewish community in the West Bank.

“We are building new homes here. This place is a new home, which is also an old home. This is the old, original home of the nation of Israel, and we will build another Elkana. We will not uproot a single person here,” he said.

“There won’t be any more uprooting, with God’s help, we will apply Jewish sovereignty on all communities, as part of the land of Israel and as part of the State of Israel,” he declared.

Netanyahu last spoke of Jewish sovereignty in the West Bank during the last election campaign in April 2019. This is his first mention of the sovereignty issue in the current campaign.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein. of Netanyahu’s Likud party, praised Netanyahu on his announcement. “I commend Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his important announcement. As I have said more than once, the application of sovereignty is a manifestation of our historical right, and sends an important message to the terror organizations who attempt to undermine our presence all over Israel,” he said.

Naftali Bennet, of the Yemina party, said he suggested applying sovereignty eight years ago and was considered crazy by the same people who are now adopting the policy.

However, Member of Knesset (MK) Tamar Zandberg of the extreme-left Meretz party, said Netanyahu’s announcement would lead to more war. “Whoever wants Elkana to be part of the State of Israel needs to support negotiations for territory exchange and not make promises that will only perpetuate our living by the sword.”

Palestinian Authority (PA) Presidential Spokesperson Nabil Abu Rudieneh slammed Netanyahu’s remarks as “a continuation of attempts to impose a fait accompli, which is unacceptable and would not lead to any peace, security, or stability.”

The West Bank is home to about 500,000 Israelis.

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