Off the Pulpit: Resolutions for the new year


1. To laugh often, but in amusement, not in derision.
2. To pray often, but with appreciation, not avarice.
3. To lift my eyes from screens and remind myself of the variety, beauty, occasional savagery and sublimity of God’s created world.
4. To try listening without simultaneously preparing a response.
5. To believe that opinions other than my own, especially on things Jewish and things American, deserve the dignity of serious appraisal.
6. To recognize that as a fortunate person I cannot permit myself the luxury of exhausting my compassion for others.
7. To push myself and the world a little closer, in whatever way I am able, toward betterment as I understand God would have it.
8. To forgive myself and others for the shortcomings in realizing these goals, without abandoning or belittling them.

(Rabbi David Wolpe is the senior rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles.)

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