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One eruv is up, another one is down; Metairie eruv declared not kosher

While the news concerning the first-time erection of an eruv in New Orleans was trumpeted within and outside of the local observant community, the previously existing eruv in Metairie is now considered “down” or not kosher, at least temporarily.

Rabbi Josh Pernick of Congregation Beth Israel. (Photo by Alan Smason)

Rabbi Josh Pernick of Congregation Beth Israel, who has been one of the Metairie religious figures maintaining the eruv there, told the CCJN that the problem was due to some work done on the levee structure abutting Lake Pontchartrain and used as its northern boundary. 

According to Rabbi Pernick, a rabbinic authority brought in to determine the validity of the New Orleans eruv, Rabbi Sholom Shuchat, stated that the recent work done on the levee altered the slope of the levee to a point where the slope in some places is less than what can sanctioned to be a wall.

“Basically for every ten feet, you can only have a drop of six inches,” Rabbi Pernick explained. As a result, there are several rabbis using a stone wall that runs adjacent to the levee structure to be the new northern boundary and not the levee itself. The only problem is that there are some points where the wall is too low.

One section near the Jefferson Parish Pumping Station is especially problematic and will require the addition of more rocks to be added there in order for the eruv to be considered “up” again.

This may take several days or more, he added, but for now, the eruv will have to be considered as incomplete.

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