OP-ED: Yom Kippur regrets, reflections for 5778

As the Jewish New Year is still fresh in our minds and we are directed to consider the ways of teshuvah (repentance) prior to and including the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, it may be the time for us to think about our actions and consider ways we can improve in the days to come.

First of all, have you done something on Facebook or Twitter that made you feel good, but either caused a storm of controversy or caused several of your contacts or “friends” to rethink their relationship with you?  Perhaps a step back from social networking might be called for.

Have you been attached to your iPhone or Android to the detriment of those of your family members who try to reach out and talk to you? Are you so busy posting your lastest status update or selfie that you fail to see that no one really cares? Maybe that phone should be turned off and you should look up and into the faces of those that love you.

Are you so busy conducting your business that you neglected to take care of paying your friends the currency of kindness, a quick visit to their office or home or even a simple phone call to ask how they are? (Definitely, not a text!) Of course, a courteous call or note in advance would also be appreciated too, just in case they’re similarly busy.

And finally, have you been celebrating or mourning the state of the economy and the political scene a bit too much because of something the President did or didn’t do? Perhaps it’s time to turn off that TV and read a book.

Any book.

Of course if that book happens to be a Machzor, so much the better.

G’mar chatimah tovah.

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