Tuesday, October 19th 2021   |

OU also condemns Israeli attacks on Arabs

A statement released this afternoon by the Orthodox Union (OU), the largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization in the U.S., echoed earlier calls of condemnation from the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) on recent attacks against Arabs attributed to Israeli youths. The statement read: “As Orthodox Jews, we are guided by our Torah principles, among which are the pursuit of peace, the rights of all human beings to justice, and the value of human life. As supporters of the State of Israel,  and as

s supporter of the State of Israel, and as  an orgainization which endorses the Jewish religious character of the State, we urge all Jewish citizens of the State to follow its laws, which guarnatee the secuirty of all citizens of Israel whether or not they are Jewish. We applaud President Peres and Prime Minister Netanyahu for their strong condemnations of these recent acts and reaffirmations of these fundamental Jewish values.”     

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