PJ LIbrary launches ‘Little Mensches’ program in Feb.

PJ Library of New Orleans, maintained by the Jewish Children’s Regional Service, will be launching a new program titled Little Mensches. The object of the program is to engage young children and their families to become involved in family volunteer activities while learning about the local community and its needs.

Present subscribers to the PJ Library and PJ OUR WAY sand their families are invited to participate in any or all of these volunteering events.

The first event is the Little Mensches Help with Hunger event that will partner with Second Harvest, the largest food pantry in Louisiana, on Sunday, February 10 at the Uptown JCC from 1:00 – 2:40 p.m.

Volunteers will assemble family dinner kits for a local elementary school where most students are eligible for free or discounted breakfast and lunch at school, but may struggle to have enough for dinner at home. Second Harvest staff members  will explain how hunger affects New Orleans families, while Danny Mintz, an anti-hunger public policy advocate and PJ family member, will speak on the Jewish responses to hunger and the Torah  and its commandments demand providing for those in need.

Space is limited and RSVPs required. Call Jennette at 504-215-8757 or click here.

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