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Regional Security Advisor to be hired through SCN national search

After a year and a half of behind-the-scenes talks with Jewish community institutional heads, the Jewish Federation’s Security Committee co-chaired by Anti-Defamation South Region director Aaron Ahlquist and Jewish Family Service executive director Roselle Ungar is moving forward with plans to hire a Security Chief, who will be hired through a series of interviews being coordinated with Secure Community Network (SCN) , the security consulting firm responsible for the security of Jewish Federations and Jewish Community Centers nationwide.

After a year and a half of working on security matters, Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans CEO Arnie Fielkow believes the time is right to begin earnest talks with SCN to field a candidate who will be in charge of security affairs for the entire Greater New Orleans area Jewish community.

According to SCN national director and  CEO Michael Masters, SCN is looking forward to this partnership. “Over the last several years – and since I took over SCN as national director – we have committed ourselves, as the national safety and security organization, to better support local efforts,” he wrote the CCJN back for clarification.

“As you know, under Arnie’s leadership and with a highly engaged professional and lay leadership, the Jewish community in New Orleans has been focused extensively on safety and security,” he continued “The partnership discussed, we believe, will build on and enhance those efforts and we are honored to partner with the Federation and community to assist in that.”

Based on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s  Protective Security Advisor (PSA) program, the Regional Security Advisor will work with local authorities and in concert with federal law enforcement.

SCN and the existing Security Committee are expected  to adapt the job description so that it will be tailored to meet the needs of the New Orleans Jewish community specifically. The national job search will be conducted under the auspices of SCN, which will ensure that each candidate meets eligibity requirements and are thus entitled to apply.

Local and regional applicants with experience will be encouraged to apply, Masters added, “Such individuals may bring a familiarity with the community, as well as the issues, threats and areas that need to be addressed with the program based on their local or regional work,” he concluded.

Anyone interested in learning more is advised to contact the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans at 504-780-5600.

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