Wednesday, October 20th 2021   |

Rejoicing at the ouster of Egypt’s president

Dear Editor:

There is no reason for a long-winded article with a Jerusalem byline over the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood, the ideological ally and successor of Nazi Germany.

Haj Amin El Husseini, Hitler’s ally and the Mufti of Jerusalem, played a decisive role in pioneering the Muslim Brotherhood, whose focus rests on an obsession with Israel’s destruction.

To witness the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Cairo is a blessed day for the people of Israel.

The Israeli government does not need to say anything or do anything except to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

There are those who bemoan the fact that Egyptian president Morsi was brought to power in a democratic process. Give me a break. So was Hitler. And so was Hamas for that matter.

David Bedein
Jerusalem, ISRAEL

(Editor’s note: David Bedein runs the Bedein News Agency.)

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