Saturday, September 19th 2020   |

Rhodes scholarships snagged by NY scholars

Miriam Rosenbaum, an Orthodox woman who attends Princeton and lives in the Bronx, was named one of 32 Americans recipients of the prestigious Rhodes scholarship. Rosenbaum, who plans to study bioethics while at Oxford, eventually hopes to become an advocate for elderly medical care and the disabled. Rosenbaum credited being inspired to help those less fortunate when she became familiar with the story of her grandfather’s Holocaust rescue by a Japanese official who risked his life to get him a visa. Two other New York City area students – Brett Rosenberg and Ronan Farrow – were also announced as recipients of Rhodes Scholarships. Farrow, 23, who is the son of actress Mia Farrow and director Woody Allen, from whom he is estranged, is now a special adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Bard College at 15 and graduated from Yale Law School two years ago.

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