Rivlin process to form Israeli government will be transparent

(TPS) — Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin on Monday will begin consultations with the political parties that were elected in last week’s elections to the Knesset.

Once Rivlin receives the official results of the elections from Judge Hanan Melcer, the chairman of the elections committee on Wednesday, he will consider if additional consultations are required.  

According to the latest data, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is the largest with 36 seats, followed by Benny Gantz’s Blue and White with 35 seats. Netanyahu is the only one with chances of establishing a coalition, with 65 seats on the right which he will lead and a minority of 55 on the left.

According to custom, the president will meet with the parties, hear their recommendations and at the end of the consultations with all parties will announce the member of the Knesset he has entrusted with forming a government. That person will have 28 days to form a new government. If required, the president can allocate an additional 14 days.

In a pioneering decision by the president’s office, the meetings with the parties will be broadcast live to ensure transparency for Israel’s citizens.

Blue and White have announced they will recommend that Benny Gantz be entrusted with forming the new government.

“Over one million people have chosen us to lead and replace the government,” the party stated.

The ultra-Orthodox Shas party stated it will recommend that Netanyahu form the next government.

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