Shir Chadash to offer thanks to JPSO

Following the shooting rampage in Pittsburgh, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto pledged increased vigilance and enhanced security for Jewish institutions situated within the parish, particularly synagogues located along the West Esplanade corridor.

As a measure of expressing its thanks, Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation has elected to return the favor with a “sweet” response of its own.

As the week of Thanksgiving begins, Shir Chadash staff and members will be providing desserts and snacks to Sheriff’s Deputies at the synagogue on Sunday, November 18.

“With so much turmoil in the world, it is nice to be able, in a quiet setting,the social hall of Shir Chadash, to let some of the officers meet some of the people they protect, as well as an opportunity for our members to meet, greet and thank these officers for their dedication to the entire community,” said executive director Bruce Yaillen in announcing the event.

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