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Succot Activities

An Edible Succah

Activity: Assemble an edible Succah made from yummy snacks.

Directions: Spread ready-made frosting (any flavor) on the bottom of a 10-inch plate. Place 3 and a half graham crackers standing up in the frosting for the Succah sides. Place twig-shaped pretzels as slats on top. Squeeze some green cake-decorating frosting on the top of the pretzels for schach. Decorate the top of the Succah with fruit-shaped candy. Enjoy!

Succot Lantern

Things needed:

1) Colorful construction paper – 2 large, rectangular sheets.

2) A string of medium length.

3) A pair of scissors.

4) Stapler.

5) A Pencil.

How to make:

1) Take one of the colorful rectangular construction papers. Staple its narrow sides to form a cylinder.

2) Now take the other rectangular piece of construction paper. Fold it in the middle to get two rectangles, one atop another.

3) Starting from the bottom of the folded paper, mark lines with pencil to about 3/4 of its total height. Draw the lines every 2 ” (about 5 cms) apart and also leaving 2″ from each side of the paper.

4) Using scissors, cut along the lines from the bottom of the folded paper.

5) Unfold the paper. Staple it on the first cylinder.

6) Keeping 2″ from the top and 2″ from the bottom of the cylinder, try to make the cut fold stand out.

7) Cut long pieces out of the other colorful construction paper. Staple the pieces at the bottom of the cylinder to form tassels. Make 2 holes facing each other at the top. Pass the string through them and hang from anywhere you like.

Succah decorating can be a fun Succot activity with kids, and preschoolers are no exception. Just make sure to protect any precious decorations from the rain with contact paper or a plastic baggie. (You won’t be able to protect the paper chains, so you can enjoy making new ones each year!)

Paper Chains

Making Succah decorations with preschoolers is a great way to make them a part of the holiday of Succot. Paper chains are probably the most ubiquitous decorations seen in Succahs around the world – and also one of the easiest! You can make them by cutting pieces of construction paper lengthwise into strips. Then loop one strip and staple the edges together to create the first link of the chain. Have your preschool child cut the strips and hand you one strip at a time to staple. She will look on in awe as the chain grows and grows

Read more: http://www.brighthub.com/education/early-childhood/articles/47233.aspx#ixzz1ZIVEVTqK

Paper & Straw Chain


Colored Construction paper





  1. Cut construction paper in different colored shapes such as hearts, Magen David, circle, triangles, etc. Cut a hole in the center.
  2. Cut straw into 2 inches (about 5 centimeter) wide pieces.
  3. String each shape with the string through the middle and between each shape string a piece of straw. That will keep the shapes apart so you can distinguish them.

Succot Lantern


2 Large colorful rectangles construction paper







  1. Staple the narrow sides of a colorful rectangular construction paper to make a cylinder.
  2. Fold the longer sides of another colored rectangular piece of construction paper together so you have 2 rectangles one on top of another.
  3. Mark, with a pencil, lines from the bottom of the folded paper to about 3/4 of the height. Start 2 inches (about 5 centimeters) apart but leave 2 inches (about 5 centimeters) from each side of the paper.
  4. Cut along the lines from the bottom of the folded paper. Unfold the paper with the cuts and staple it on the first cylinder. To make the cut fold stand out, keep 2 inches (about 5 centimeter) from the top of the cylinder and 2 inches (about 5 centimeter) from the bottom.
  5. Cut long strips of colorful construction paper and staple them at the bottom of the cylinder for tassels.
  6. Make 2 holes opposite each other at the top and string a string through them to hang


Pie Plates: Punch holes in the rim of disposable foil pie plates. Thread beads and bells and hang in the Succah! You can also decorate the pie plate with Sharpie markers and stickers.

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