Saturday, September 19th 2020   |

The CCJN is launched

My work as a writer and editor for the New Orleans Jewish community has gone on for many decades. In the past my association with several publications was that as a reporter and critic. My zest and zeal to keep the Jewish community informed has been a longtime desire and my hope was to strive to do a job with which both the community and I could be proud. As an editor, I have taken on the more difficult task of looking at the big picture and trying to ascertain where the New Orleans Jewish community fits and what impact the community at large has on it. Because of this and a financial commitment on my part, I now have the Crescent City Jewish News  (CCJN) to offer to you. It has been a longtime dream to bring to this community what other communities have, a true newspaper portal on the Internet with news stories, feature articles and life cycle events not covered by other media. This is the beginning of what will be an ongoing effort by several dedicated parties. If you have comments or wish to be critical in any way, I welcome your input. This is a community website. It receives no financial backing from any of the major Jewish institutions including the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans. It answers to the entire Jewish community and brokers no favoritism for one branch of Judaism over another. We will occasionally offer rabbinical thought, but there is not to be any halacha associated with it. We will strive to be open to all differing philosophies and to offer a forum for all to have an equal voice. Your input is strongly solicited, yet we understand if you only want to observe and read what is on our site at present. We are here to serve you and this Jewish community we love. Thank you for letting your family, friends and others know we are now a force to be reckoned with and that we will work with all facets of this beloved and historic community.

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