Friday, October 30th 2020   |

The London Olympics: a primer on how to search our site

Now that the Games of the XXX Olympiad have concluded, there is a chance that a reader or two may have missed a story or not seen a picture during our past several weeks of coverage. One might also consider this a golden opportunity to peruse those Summer Olympics stories now using the built-in search features of the CCJN. To look at the most recently published stories, hover your mouse on the Features heading above and a “drop-down” menu will appear. Click on the Summer Olympics category tab and the last week of stories – about 10 in number – will appear. But what about the other stories that were run? To see ALL of the stories, one needs to use the search tool on the site located in the upper left-hand corner of every page. Type in the word “olympics,” and all of the headlines and lede paragraphs published will show up. Please note the links at the top and bottom to show Older Posts. Once either of those links is clicked, the older stories will appear along with a link at the bottom to show Newer Posts. Rest assured that all Summer Olympics stories will remain on the site and will be completely searchable even if the category is not visible. The search tool can be used to access key words too. Type in the word “raisman” and all of the stories on Aly Raisman or those that mention her will appear. Similar searches for authors can be achieved by typing in their last name (capitalization is not important). These searches can enhance one’s use of the CCJN site.

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