Where was the gender diversity?

To the Editor:

Thank you the informative article about the Orthodox-Conservative rabbis conference (“Orthodox-Conservative Conference”).  However, I could not help but notice that no female rabbis were included (unless the photograph was incomplete).  
I understand that Orthodoxy does not ordain females, but my understanding is that the Conservative branch does. I suppose the organizers would counter that, since they drew their attendance from their colleagues at the seminaries from which they graduated, they were, therefore, limited.  Although I have no direct knowledge on the subject, I seriously doubt that there are no female graduates from Rabbi Linden’s seminary.
If there really are none, I suggest that the onus was on organizers to find female representation.  The role of females in Jewish practice remains one of the differences between Conservative and Orthodox observance and this should have been addressed, in an inclusive discussion.

Thank you,

Marion Freistadt, PhD, MBA

New Orleans, LA

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