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Yes was not a ‘niche art rock curiosity’

Dear Editor:

I recently came across Elyse Glickman’s article about Ryan (Rabin) being the son (of) Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin (“Grouplove’s Ryan Rabin: Strings, sticks and energy“), but for her to call Yes nothing but an”niche art rock curiosity” is a joke of the highest order.

Yes was one of the biggest stadium rock bands of the 70s. (They) hold the record for the most consecutive sold out shows at Madison Square Garden, played before 200,000 people in San Paulo in the early 80s, (were) a band that constantly outpolled Led Zeppelin as the most outstanding rock band on Billboard Magazine’s rock band poll, and YES’s true Guitar player Steve Howell was named best rock guitarist five years in a row (in) the late 70s by Guitar World Magazine

Now, I’m not saying Trevor didn’t contribute to YES’s music but to call YES a niche band only goes to show that your reporter is clueless when reporting about things she is knows absolutely nothing about!



Barry Sanchez

Powder Springs, Ga. (via St. Bernard Parish)

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