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Zeta claims 2 area victims, a third in GA., as it roars up East Coast


Hurricane Zeta, smashed into Louisiana in record-breaking fashion, leaving two area deaths in its wake including one unidentified 55-year-old New Orleans man, who was electrocuted in Gert Town by a downed power line when he touched the live wire after the storm’s passage. Another victim was reported killed in a drowning in Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Zeta makes landfall. (Photo via NOAA)

According to Entergy officials, approximately 300,000 customers remained without power at dawn as cleanup efforts began and crews began restoring service. Zeta, the seventh named storm to take aim this year at New Orleans, was the first to land a direct hit and was both the strongest and the latest named storm to hit the area in any hurricane season. 

After making landfall in Terrebonne Parish mid-afternoon as a powerful Category 2 storm, Zeta, with sustained winds of 95-100 m.p.h.  increased its forward speed to more than 25 m.p.h. and changed its direction from a northward trajectory towards a curve to the northeast.  

Powerful storm surge along the Mississippi Gulf Coast inundated the area with massive flooding, resulting in the one death was recorded in the battered area there.

A third victim, an unidentified man, was reportedly killed by a falling tree in Georgia, although details remain sketchy. 

The storm continued its progress into the Mid Atlantic states as a tropical storm and is expected to drench the Northeast and New England later today



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