GiveNOLA Day campaign underway

The 24-hour event GiveNOLA Day will be held on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. This annual giving program is presented by the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) and encourages all community members to contribute to their favorite causes. One can simply chose as many non-profits on the list and donate a minimum of $10.00. The amount chosen will be immediately charged to the donor’s credit card of choice.

GiveNOLA-Day-Logo-Date-2017Meanwhile, participants may go to the site and place their online donations in advance. They will receive an email confirmation, even though their payment will not be processed until the actual day of the event (May 2).

In the past two years, the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans has raised the most funds in the smaller non-profit category and has received an additional $10,000 bonus from GNOF.

Most of the local Jewish non-profits including Jewish Family Service, Jewish Children’s Regional Service, the Jewish Endowment Foundation of Louisiana, Jewish Community Day School, the National Council of Jewish Women, Avodah, Tulane Hillel, the Anti-Defamation League, Hadassah, Shir Chadash Conservative Congregation and the Northshore Jewish Congregation are listed.

Last year’s Give NOLA Day was plagued by major problems with the website, which GNOF marketing and communications director Martha Landrum termed as “a technical glitch.” Although some tried to blame the failure of the website to respond due to the huge numbers of online donors, Landrum stated:  “It was not volume. It was really a coding problem.”

To their credit, participating organizations took paper pledges from their donors and the GNOF processed them. “Give NOLA Day turned out to be Give NOLA Month,” she opined.

This year CiviCore, a Denver-based organization, will handle the IT portion of the donor process and Landrum said GNOF believes there will be no repetition of last year’s difficulties.

Even with the problems plaguing the website, the final tally for GiveNOLA Day last year was $4.2 million. This year’s goal is $4.5 million to be raised among its 717 participating non-profit organizations.

“Over half of the participating organizations in Give NOLA Day get up to 20 new donors,” Landrum revealed. “It’s so wonderful to support your favorite causes and charities, but sometimes it’s nice to support a new charity or non profit that you haven’t supported in the past,” she concluded.

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