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Casablanca Restaurant suffers roof, rain damage

Casablanca Restaurant, the Moroccan kosher restaurant located at 3030 Severn Boulevard in Metairie, suffered extensive roof and ceiling damage along with resultant water damage from the driving rains of Hurricane Issac. Owner Linda Waknin said the upstairs took the brunt of the damage to her facility, including shutting down the upstairs dining area and forcing a cleanup to her storage room and office.

Tarps cover tables and chairs at the upstairs of Casablanca Restaurant, which suffered roof and ceiling damage along with water intrusion from Hurricane Issac. (Photo by Alan Smason)

Waknin, who leases her space, is waiting on the landlord to respond and remediate the problems on her second floor. She said her business does carry insurance, but she is not sure how much of the losses will be covered by her policy. Waknin said she and her employees used flashlights to see what they were doing for three days before power was restored to her restaurant on Sunday. They removed soaked ceiling tiles, scrubbed the walls and floors and attempted to prevent any growth of mold or mildew in the walls or ceilings. Frustrated at the lack of progress, Waknin acknowledged “I wish I did own the property,” suggesting that she would have been more responsive than her landlord has been.

Casablanca lost all of its fresh produce, but generators kept the freezers full of meat still refrigerated. “I went to Restaurant Depot this morning and got more produce and we’re now up,” Waknin boasted.

Ceiling tiles are obviously missing upstairs at Casablanca Restaurant in Metairie. (Photo: Alan Smason)

Waknin said the schedule for the restaurant would remain the same, but that they would close down an hour earlier on Labor Day night at 8:00 instead of the usual 9:00 closing time. Nearly one week after the storm made landfall,  she said she still does not have power in her Kenner home and has grown somewhat frustrated as a result.

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