Why the Tel Aviv flight cancellations are such a blow to Israel

Delta Airlines


(JTA) — When the Federal Aviation Administration announced a ban Tuesday on U.S. carriers flying to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv, prompting a slew of similar decisions by European carriers, the flight cancellations were more than just a major inconvenience to thousands of passengers on 160-plus canceled flights.

They were a distressing reality check to a country that prides itself on being an island of normalcy in a sea of chaos.

Israelis and visitors alike often talk about how Israel …
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FAA lifts flight ban to Ben Gurion; Delta not ready to resume flights

Effective just before midnight on Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) lifted the flight ban it had imposed for the previous two days on flights departing to or from Ben Gurion Aiport near Tel Aviv.

This was done after U.S. officials were assured of new or heightened security measures implemented …
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NEW YORK (JTA) – When the siren sounded, the Rolling Stones’ tortured 1969 track “Gimme Shelter” popped into my head, oddly enough.

That haunting song offered a stunning reminder of the endless horrors of war, reawakening a sleepy world with a vivid musical picture of human pain in times of combat. Merry Clayton’s evocative vocalization of disturbing lyrics over a harsh musical background focused global attention on the awful realities of …
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Kerry lands in Israel for cease-fire talks

WASHINGTON (JTA) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Israel to advance cease-fire talks between Hamas and Israel.

A statement by his spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said Kerry arrived Wednesday.

“He will also travel to Jerusalem and the West Bank, and will be meeting with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Palestinian Authority President …
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Five more soldiers die; Thai worker killed in Ashkelon

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Three Israeli soldiers were killed in a Gaza house rigged with explosives, which caused the house to cave in and wounded seven others. Meanwhile, two additional Israeli soldiers were killed in fighting and a foreign worker died from injuries suffered in a mortar attack from Gaza on a hothouse in …
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Tens of thousands attend funeral for U.S. lone soldier Max Steinberg

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A crowd estimated at 30,000 attended the funeral for Max Steinberg, an American lone soldier who was killed in Gaza.The service for Steinberg, 24, a southern California native who was killed Sunday in a Hamas attack on his armored personnel carrier, was held Wednesday morning at …
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